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Ali Rashid

artist and poet

Ali Rashid, an artist and poet. Born in Karbala in Iraq and moved to the Netherlands in 1996. Ali had numerous international exhibitions, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Qatar, Libie, Jordan, Kuwait, Azerbedjan, Japan end so on.

Ali Rashid has published 3 selected poetry bundles and 1 book about art.
He wrote numerous articles about poetry and art, published in a wide variety of magazines and papers. From 2006 till 2021 he was editor of his own founded magazine Ila- magazine.

And Ali curated lots of exhibitions, is asked for juries in the field of art and participated in many international symposia.

Some years ago I visited a small island near the coast of Syria and there I saw walls that were, so to speak, talking to me. Children had painted their own hands as signs of protection on the walls. The paintings of Ali Rashid reminded me of those walls filled with vivid signs. One doesn’t have to be able to read the signs to feel that they are bearers of meaning. Rashid’s work is spacial, it has no center, no restrictions, it reverberates the impressions which lead to its existence and adds warmth to it. The canvases breath, in fact a wall in a small room like this, “grows” through the presence of the painting. Ali told me that he started to work with texts in an underground shelter during a war in Iraq. He was sitting there as a soldier with his notebook and he realised that the critical words he was writing down could bring him in a dangerous situation. So he starting drawing on the text, in the process of course making the text unreadable. Layer upon layer he created later on paintings like a palimpsest, a way of adding time to the essence of the work. Rashid developed a poetic use of signs which relates him to artists such as Antoni Tàpies and Joan Miró.

Wouter Welling, curator

The painter and poet Ali Rashid was born in Iraq, but he lives since 1994 in Holland. He has successfully completed his art studies in Iraq and in Holland at the Art Academy. He had exhibitions in various countries, e.g. Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Egypt and Japan apart from Iraq and Holland. In his work he tries to link his personal memories with the course of the general history. Memories from Iraq, the people there, his youth, his years during the war, the oppression, the poverty. By taking his memories as startingpoint for his work and placing them in a broader perpective, he tries to take responsibility as an artist for the world around him. During his time in Holland he is also looking for links between East and West. His work is strong but also poetic. As painter and poet he looks for methods to join lines with letters. This fascination finds its origin in the time of the war when poems (written from left to right as well as from right to left) were made illegible through drawings, thus becoming a matter of life and death.

Bastiaan R. Körner, gallery and former ambassador

Ali Rashid
Institute for art, Baghdad, Iraq
Royal Academy for art, Den haag
Master of Art, architecture and design in the European context, Academy for Art and teaching Tilburg,
University of Leicester,  England and Granada, Spain ,The Netherlands
2016-now curator of international art Symposium contemporain, Alhammamat / Tunis
2017-2018 member of jury for the prize for Contemporary Art in name of the Prince of Quwait
2012 curator of Muscat, Oman international art symposium/ curator of Caravan international exhibition, Almería, Spain, Italy ,Holland
2010 co founder cross-over foundation
2010-now head of Ila-Magazine
2010 till now Teaching Art, peoples university
2004-2006 Teaching art and history of art, islamic university Rotterdam
1989-1993 teaching art at the technical high school
Selected Expositions
2020 Gallery-D, Kassel, Germany
2016 Gallery Beeld en Aambeeld, Enschede, NL
2014 Gallery Artishock ,Rijswijk
2012 Gallery Beeld en Aambeeld, Enschede, NL
2011 Musiccentre Enschede, NL-Gallery/ Meij en Meij Delft, NL/ Gallery Bruelle Steenwijk, NL
2009 Gallery Artishock, Rijswijk, NL/ de Waag Amsterdam, NL
2006 Gallery Beeldkracht Scheemda, NL
2005 Atelier.K Yokohama, Japan/ MECA Almeria, Spain/ proup Cairo, Egypt/Atelier Sterk Enkhuizen, NL
2004 City theater Amsterdam, NL
2003 Gallery Kadans Den Haag, NL/ Vrije Akademie Den Haag, NL/ Gallery Marziart Hamburg, Germany/
Gallery Expo11 Brussel, Belgium
1998 Ons Atelier Voorburg, NL
1995 de Schakel Leidschendam, NL
1993 Cultural centre Jalo, Libië
1992 Cultural centre Jalo, Libië
1983 Modern artmuseum Bagdad, Iraq
1979 Gallery kunstenaarsvereniging Karbala, Iraq
1977 Gallery kunstenaarsvereniging Karbala, Iraq
2008 Gallery Korner, Den Haag, NL
2005 Gallery MECA, Almeria, Spain
2024 Haagse Kunstkring
2019 MOMA Museum , new york / USA
2019 Art salon Marrakech, Marocco
2018 Museum di Fermo Pescara , Italy
2018 international art Symposium Azerbaijan
2017 international art Symposium Kuwait , Kuwait
2017 international art Symposium Marrakesh, Marocco
2017 international art Symposium contemporain, Alhamamat / Tunis
2017 Dar Al-Anda Gallery , Amman, Jordan
2016 international art Symposium contemporain, Alhamamat / Tunis
2016  Museum di Fermo Pescara , Italy
2016 exhibition and prize of honour, Algeria
2016 Media Museum Pescara , Italy
2015 international art Symposium contemporain, Azmor, Marocco
2015 Symposium international art contemporain, Asila Marocco
2015 international bank Cairo Amman bank symposium
2015 international art fair Amsterdam
2015 international Al Asmakh Atelier 13 Doha, Qatar
2015 Museum Rijswijk , Rijswijk ,The Netherlands( 2e prize )
2014 International art Caravan exhibition , gallery artheerenveen , the Netherlands
2014 Paul Ricard symposium,France ( first prize )/ international Festival al Mahres , Tunis
2013 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam/ Symposium international art contemporain, Asila Marocco
2012 international symposium " Teches/ Teches , France/ Iraki Contemporary Art Exhibition, Dubai,
Muscat- Oman/ international symposium- Gallery Staphorsius, Artist nu, West Zaan, NL/
international exhibition, Caravan Almería, Spain,
2011 gallery al markhiya, Doha, Qatar/ Tolentino, Tolentino, Italia
2010 Chiesa di Santa Caterina Smerillo, Italia/ polo culturale “San Francesco” Monterubbiano, Italia
2009 Seen Art Soesterberg, NL/ Museum Rijswijk Rijswijk, NL/ SLEM,Terschelling NL/ SLEM, New York, USA/ Gallery New Delhi, India
2008 Kaisa centre for international culture, Helsinki, Finland/ 4e international collage biënnale, Vilnius, Litouwen/ Museum Rijswijk, Rijswijk, NL
2007 Museum Rijswijk, Rijswijk, NL/ Gallery Oost99, Hoorn, NL/ Art in redlight, Oude Kerk Amsterdam, NL/
Artfair Amsterdam, NL- Gallery Beeldkracht,     Scheemda,NL
2006 Museum Rijswijk Rijswijk, NL- Biennal Albiac Rodalquilar, Spain/ Book biennal Alexandria Alexandria, Egypt/ Gallery Beeldkracht Scheemda, NL
2005 Graphic festival Ukraine/ MECA, Almeria, Spain
2004 de witte dame Eindhoven, NL/ inex Gallery Wijchen, NL
2003 Gallery Kadans Den Haag, NL/ Gallery LKV Leidschendam, NL/ Gallery Brak Voorburg, NL
2002 Gallery Kadans Den Haag, NL/ Gallery Expo11 Brussel, Belgium/ Gallery LKV Leidschendam/
 Gallery VKK Voorschoten, NL
2001 Drammens Museum Drammen, Norway- Gallery/ Kadans Den Haag, NL/ LKM Museum Oslo, Norway/
Gallery LKV Leidschendam, NL/ Hillesluis  museum Rotterdam, NL
2000 Pulchri Studio Den Haag, NL/ Gallery Art Place Amsterdam, NL/ Gallery Dordt Dordrecht, NL/
Gallery LKV Leidschendam, NL
1999 EU-Man Helsinki, Finland/ Gallery LKV Leidschendam. NL
1997 Al-Wasity Festival Bagdad, Iraq/ Gallery Art-Place Den Haag, NL,
1985 artist exhibition for young artists Bagdad, Iraq
1979 Modern artmuseum Bagdad, Iraq
1998 1e price Dunya Festival, Rotterdam with the poem “memory of barking”
2002 nominated for the van Dam graphicprice
2014 1e prize Paul Ricard symposium, France
2015 2e prize  Museum Rijswijk , the Netherlands
2023 culture prize Leidschendam Voorburg

Publicaties van Ali Rashid
2007 gedichten vertaald
2003 gedichten “Map with drawings “Corbans of God”
2002 Gedichten “Memory of barking”
1999-now Many artikcles about contemporary art and artists in newspapers, magazines etc.

Most importent publications about Ali Rashid
2024 alquds el Arabia, article/ el sabbagh newspaper, article
2023 interview el Aqlam magazine Iraq,
2022 El Alem article/
2021 poems published in medium magazine/ el jaded, interview
2020 Aziz Azrahai, book about contemporary artists among me and my work. ( the book won the first prize of critic in al Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)
2019 interview and article in artmagazine Doha, Qatar
2019 Poetry translated and published in Magazine of University of Colorado, USA
2018 Ruya foundation, interview/
2017 workshop art acadamy, Amman, Jordan
2000-now many critics wrote about my work in magazines and newspapers.
2000-now many tv interviews among in Tunesia, Kuweit, Jordan, Belgium
2006 Catalogus Albiac
2006 Tv 1, cultura d’Espana, interview
2006 Voz de Almeria, un geurnica Iraqi, interview
2005 Voz de Almeria, artikel
2004 Article by Thorsten Bruder , Undergroundmagazine, USA
2003 Documentary o.a. Ali Rashid by Tamara Miranda,
2003 Canvas, Terzake, België
2003 De Standaard, België
2003 radio 1, België
2003 Ringtv Brussel, België
2003 Netwerk, NL
2000 Haagsche Courant
1998 Haagsche Courant
1999 Trouw